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Registered Deposit Brokers Assoc. News Release 01/2018

DICO increases deposit insurance coverage to $250,000 effective January 01.

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Delaying receipt of CPP benefits to beyond age 65

What can happen when you delay receipt of CPP to age 70.

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The Six Emotional Phases of Retirement

Retirement planning is not just about your finances

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Savvy Retirement Moves for Women

Women must cover larger retirement costs with a smaller nest egg.

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Are GIC's Worth It?

Guaranteed investment certificates are available through banks, credit unions, trust companies, and life insurance companies. A GIC is a form of bank debt.

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Should we change the word “retirement”?

Let’s start by defining the word retirement. A quick online search reveals that the literal meaning of the word retirement is: to withdraw, retreat; the time at which one withdraws from the workforce.

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Is retirement on your horizon? FollowMe Health can keep you covered when group coverage ends.

As you know, preparing for retirement is exciting, but can also be costly. Did you know that in 2013 the average Canadian household with members aged 55 to 64 spent $1,680 to cover health and dental expenses not covered by their provincial plan? Right now, an employee health plan may be helping you with these costs.

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Financing Your Future Health Care

Many people believe that retirement planning is just about RRSP’s, and savings to provide income in retirement, but it is much more than that.

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The Retirement Transition and the Benefits of Journaling

First, let’s talk a bit about transition. A transition is any significant change in a role, situation, or life view. Making a life transition is actually a series of emotional stages to successfully change our view to embrace the new way.

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